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The Story of a Mine by Bret Harte, 1877.

Pocket books, fiction / novels uploaded by 'rarebook' this time titled"The Story of a Mine" by Bret Harte. Published in 1877 by the Leipzig, Bernhard Tauchnitz.
This rare book I got a few weeks ago, along with two other books, with different titles, in a used bookdealers.

Back to the rare book "TheStory of a Mine ', this book is still in a good condition, hard cover with red striped texture, with embossed print symbol 'Tauchnitz Edition '.
Besides the well-known title, actually more famous author, Bret Harte, born in Albany, New York, in 1836.
In addition to novels, he also made poetry. Some of his work even being used as a base for filmmaking and opera.
In 1878, Bret Harte became Unites States Consul in Germany and Glasgow in 1880, later settling in Europe. Died 1902 in England.
Bret Harte, became famous, his name is used in street name and a name of some school in California, even appeared on a US 5 dollars postage stamp in 1987 the U.S. part of the 'Great America' series.

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