Senin, 18 Maret 2013

Rare books in 1900's

Continuing uploads ago, 'The Story of a Mine', then the 'rare book' to upload two rare books obtained simultaneously with the book mentioned above.
2 pieces of rare books which upload today entitled "Element Of English Composition" published in 1902 and the other entitled "What A Young Woman Ought To Know" published in 1905.
Rare books (3 books), obtained in good condition, although the outer cover (hard cover) there is a change in color on certain parts. This happens because certain positions stacked (see picture below) in a long time, resulting in discoloration mostly on the exposed parts. Perhaps there are still stack on stack more.

"Element Of English Composition" published by Ginn & Company in 1902 is written by linguists and authors, namely John Hays Gardiner,(1863-1948), Editor of the Harvard Alumni Bulletin, and lately assistant Professor of English. George Lyman Kittredge (1860–1941) was a celebrated professor and scholar of English literature at Harvard University. And Sarah Louise Arnold (1859-1943), has authored more than 60 books. See the pictures below.

“What A Young Woman Ought To Know” published by The Vir Publishing Company pada tahun 1905, written Mrs. Mary Wood-Allen, M.D.(1841-1908) was the World Superintendent of the Purity Department Women’s Chritian Temperance Union. She published a series of books entitled Self and Sex with titles including What a Young Girl Ought to Know (1897) and What a Young Woman Ought to Know (1899). Her other works include: Almost a Man (1895), Marvels of Our Bodily Dwelling (1899), Child Confidence Rewarded (1903), Teaching Truth (1907) and Almost a Woman (1907). See the pictures below.

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